About Us
School Kids experimenting virtural reality

What We Do

Here at Geniuses At Play, we take pride in developing and marketing engaging products for children ages preschool to second grade. All of our products aid in the teaching, entertainment, and socialization of children in a tech-centric world. We provide tools, apps, books, toys, and teaching aids to retailers, distributors, teachers, homeschoolers, and parents.

What we do for our customers, children, parents, and educators

For Children
Our products enhance communication and vocabulary by increasing concentration and long-term memory. They improve listening skills, manual dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. They also boost problem-solving skills and reinforce age-appropriate milestones.

For Educators and Parents
Our products and services reinforce the current educational programs your children experience in preschool or elementary school. We encourage and support all desired and developmental milestones set by both the parent and the educator.

Meet Our Characters

an illustration of Paisley from Geniuses at Play

The Artsy One

Paisley is an artsy girl who expresses her love of the arts through dance, singing, music, and drawing. She is also a thinker and not afraid to try new things and never ever gives up on her dreams. Her mother works at the Art Institute and is passionate about teaching art history. Her father is an artist and enjoys painting portraits of people and creating sculptures. Paisley is the oldest child in her family. She has 2 sisters and one baby brother.

an illustration of Paisley from Geniuses at Play

The Foodie

Spencer Winkles likes food. In fact, he lives, breathes, dreams, sleeps and thinks food all day long. He comes by it naturally; both his mother and father are bakers. They live over the family business, The Winkles Bakery. Since he grew up around good cooking, Spencer dreams of becoming a master chef of gourmet soufflés when he grows up. He loves cooking, and is usually making up his own recipes. He’s an oldest child, with a three-year-old brother and a six-month old sister. He’s a good big brother and looks out for the younger kids. Spencer’s favorite food is sprinkles, if he could, he’d put them on everything! When you see Spencer, he’s almost always in his chef’s hat, with his measuring spoons handy.

The Animal Lover

Violet McIris loves animals. Big animals. Small animals. Furry animals. Animals with feathers, scales and bumps. Doesn’t matter what kind of animal it might be, Violet knows all about them, and loves taking care of them. Her parents are forest rangers, so she’s been around a lot of animals. Sometimes, Violet’s knowledge can get her in trouble, when she thinks she knows more about something than she really does. Violet is an only child but has lots of pets that she calls her brothers and sisters.

The Jock

Noah is a little older, a little taller, and a little better at sports than the other kids in his class. He’s also very, very smart, and very brave. Sometimes that comes in handy, as Noah is a natural-born leader. Noah loves to play all sports. He is very kind and loves helping his friends out, especially when he can do it by using his athletic ability. Noah’s dad is a basketball coach at the local high school and his mom is a fifth grade teacher. Noah is the youngest of four brothers.

The Brainiac

Nikki is all about STEM. No matter if it’s Science, Technology, Engineering or Math, Nikki is on it. She daydreams of becoming a cancer research scientist someday, so much so, that you’ll always see her in a lab coat with her lab eyewear on her head. Nikki loves science, but sometimes her enthusiasm and desire to do everything at warp speed can get her into a sticky situation. (Ask her why her nickname is “Sticky Nikki”.) Nikki looks at everything as a problem that can be solved with science and technology. But every now and then, she finds that as wonderful as that is, the human touch is important, too.

The Teacher

Ms. Honeybunn loves her class, and she loves to teach. She likes nothing better than to give her students the chance to learn something new, especially when they can learn by doing. Sometimes, though, having such a group of exceptional kids can be quite a challenge – especially when one or more of them get in over their heads. It’s at times like these that Ms. Honeybunn has her students put on their thinking caps – literally – to brainstorm ideas to save the day.