Meet Our Team

Julie wolf

Julie Wolf


Julie Wolf is the founder and creative force behind Geniuses@Play. She holds a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of North Texas and taught at the elementary school level for twelve years, eight of those in a kindergarten classroom.

A wife and mother as well as a teacher, Julie left the school system to throw herself into motherhood, full time. When her children began preschool, Julie once again entered teaching, this time as a preschool educator. Her love for teaching and molding young lives continued. She began to inspire other moms and educators about the need to intertwine education with Play. Julie co-founded the innovative Little Techie Tots program, a successful computer education program tailored to help preschoolers reach developmental milestones through the use of cutting-edge technology. The five years she spent developing Little Techie Tots and the hands-on knowledge she acquired inspired her to create her latest project: Geniuses@Play, created to allow her to share her ideas, techniques, and concepts on a nationwide scale.

Geniuses@Play brings out the genius in every child by getting back to basics through a play-based learning curriculum.

Jacob miles

Jacob R. Miles III

Media, Toy & Entertainment Analyst/Director

Jacob Miles is a veteran media, entertainment, and toy industry executive. He has held senior leadership positions with Kenner Toys, General Mills Entertainment Group, TONKA Toys, Hasbro, Cultural Toys, Urban American Television, and FilmCloud Distribution. Jacob is an original member of the Kenner Products, Star Wars toy team, and an avid Star Wars toy collector. He has been involved in some of the most recognized toys and children's entertainment brands in American history, including Six Million Dollar Man, Stretch Armstrong, Play-Doh, SEGA Game Systems, Baby Alive, TONKA, Pound Puppies, Hollywood Hounds, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Batman, Superman, Starting Lineup – Sports figures among others. Jacob is an award-winning entrepreneur recognized for his expertise in character and product development, engineering, licensing, and multicultural markets. Jacob is a frequent panelist, speaker, and analyst for global media and entertainment trends, strategies, and diversity. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, PBS, Black Enterprise, and numerous books, magazines, and newspapers. He currently serves as Chairman of Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc., Senior partner at Miles Analysts Partners, and a Co-founder of BrainStorm Training Group LLC. His vast experience and guidance have been instrumental in the development of Julie's idea and vision for the launch of Geniuses@Play LLC.


Brad Kozak

Visual Design Consultant/illustrator

Brad Kozak is the founder and CEO of Novel Idea, a strategic marketing, advertising, and graphic design agency in McKinney, Texas. He began his career as a professional musician and freelance graphic artist. A pioneer of the computer graphic design industry in the early '80s, he created the first desktop-published magazine made entirely on a PC. After six years at Micrografx as the creative director and user interface evangelist, and Altsys as the senior product manager for the technical drawing application Virtuoso, he subsequently launched his own design agency, specializing in both traditional print and online interactive graphics as well as marketing and advertising.

An acknowledged expert in graphic design, animation, cartooning, marketing, and advertising, his cutting-edge work as a creative director and graphic designer has been recognized by such companies as Verizon, IBM, and Fox News. His client list ranges from, Nortel, Samsung, and Hewlett-Packard, Glenn Beck, and the Georgia State Bar to an ever-growing number of Internet startups.

He is the author of two technical books on Macromedia Flash animation software and is the winner of numerous national awards for graphic design. In addition to his work as a graphic designer, animator, and strategic marketer, Brad is also a professional musician, having performed with Gladys Knight and the Pips, Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra, Frankie Laine, and Robert Guillame.