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Spencer Winkles LOVES sprinkles…

Too Much Razzle Dazzle Book-4

Too Much Razzle-Dazzle is a endearing whimsical story that encourages children to make good choices. This story begins with little Spencer Winkles, a future master chef, baking with his mom. The Winkles are famous for their tasty pastries. Spencer loves to bake, especially his favorite, sprinkle sugar cookies.

Spencer wants this batch to be extra special because after all, they are for his brother’s birthday. Even though Spencer was warned by his mom to follow the sprinkle recipe to a T, he purposely adds too much of his mom’s secret family ingredient, Razzle-Dazzle food coloring. He wanted to make the sprinkles extra bright and shiny. The next morning, Spencer woke up to beautiful vibrant rainbow-colored sprinkles. Unfortunately, one bad choice led to another when Spencer took the sprinkles to school. A crazy mess began to unfold in Spencer’s classroom. You will laugh out loud with Spencer and his friends when reading Too Much Razzle Dazzle. Join them on this silly adventurous day as they encounter wonderful and colorful sprinkles, uncontrollable but definitely notable hiccups, and rainbow popping no-stopping bubbles.

Too Much Razzle Dazzle Book

Spencer and the Quarantine Birthday

Book cover for “Spencer and the Quarantine Birthday” children’s book from Geniuses at Play

In the story, Spencer and the Quarantine Birthday, children learn that if life brings strange and unusual circumstances, such as a worldwide pandemic, we can adapt by working together to solve life’s problems. Even when things might seem crazy in our world, there are still ways to celebrate people we care about. Spencer’s friends work together along with Miss Honeybunn to make his quarantine birthday special. Miss Honeybunn encourages her students to use their own special voice to help each other to make our world a better place. In this delightful story, Spencer wakes up expecting a normal celebration of his birthday until he is let down by the reality of being quarantined to his house. No school, no party, no fun! Find out how Spencer’s teacher and classmates surprise him with a birthday celebration he will never forget!


A Sticky Situation

Bio nikki

When it comes to astronomy, Nicci is an expert. But, not even Nicci can solve the mystery of the mysterious drone that lands in her backyard. Nicci is put to the test when she finds herself in a sticky situation while trying to solve the case of the missing drone. Read the exciting and funny book, A Sticky Situation, to find out if Nicci can solve her drone mystery and get out of a sticky mess.

Paisley's Hidden Treasure

Bio Paisely

Paisley is excited for show and tell day at school. She brings magic rocks she made herself through a passed down science experiment her great grandma shared with her. Each rock has a hidden treasure inside. Before she passing them out, she warns everyone, once you choice your rock, you can't take it back. When one of her friends doesn't follow the rules, a magical Switcharoo happens in the classroom. Paisley must figure out how to switch back the Switcharoo and bring things back to normal. Paisley's Hidden Treasure is a must read for all future scientist!

Meribella's Secret


Meribella has a secret. She can't tell anyone! If she does, her whole family could be at risk. Noah discovers some strange things are going on with Meribella. He decides to follow her home from school one day. What is Meribella's secret? Does Noah find out what's different about Meribella? What do you think Meribella's secret could be? You will have to read the book, Meribella's Secret to uncover the secret for yourself.