Too Much Razzle Dazzle (Signed Edition)


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 Too Much Razzle Dazzle
Too Much Razzle-Dazzle is a endearing whimsical story that encourages children to make good choices. This story begins with little Spencer Winkles, a future master chef, baking with his mom. The Winkles are famous for their tasty pastries. Spencer loves to bake, especially his favorite, sprinkle sugar cookies.

Spencer wants this batch to be extra special because after all, they are for his brother’s birthday. Even though Spencer was warned by his mom to follow the sprinkle recipe to a T, he purposely adds too much of his mom’s secret family ingredient, Razzle-Dazzle food coloring. He wanted to make the sprinkles extra bright and shiny. The next morning, Spencer woke up to beautiful vibrant rainbow-colored sprinkles. Unfortunately, one bad choice led to another when Spencer took the sprinkles to school. A crazy mess began to unfold in Spencer’s classroom. You will laugh out loud with Spencer and his friends when reading Too Much Razzle Dazzle. Join them on this silly adventurous day as they encounter wonderful and colorful sprinkles, uncontrollable but definitely notable hiccups, and rainbow popping no-stopping bubbles.

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